TowFLEXX INC. announces the appointment of a new CEO and the expansion of business activities in the USA

New Castle, DE – TowFLEXX INC., a manufacturer of remote-controlled aircraft tugs, announces the appointment of Junaid “Jay” Mukhtar as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Junaid brings extensive experience in business development, warehouse operations, and process management, positioning him to guide the company towards innovation, efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Under Junaid’s leadership, TowFLEXX remains committed to delivering high-quality, low-maintenance, and user-friendly remote-controlled aircraft tugs These products are designed to meet the changing needs of the aviation industry and emphasize the company’s role in technological advancement.

Expansion in the U.S. Market
TowFLEXX is also pleased to disclose a significant expansion in the U.S. market, aimed at improving service and product availability across North America. This initiative reflects TowFLEXX’s commitment to excellence and customer service. “This expansion in the U.S. market reflects our commitment to enhancing service to our customers in North America and our aim to become more involved in the U.S. aviation industry,” said Junaid Mukhtar, CEO of TowFLEXX INC.

New Facility in New Castle, Delaware
An important aspect of this expansion is our relocation into a larger facility in New Castle, Delaware, to support our growing business operations. This facility will function as both an office space for the expanding team and a production facility for the U.S. market. Manufacturing the complete range of products domestically supports the local economy and optimizes the supply chain to better serve U.S. customers.

This facility is a key part of our strategy to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement throughout the region.

About TowFLEXX
TowFLEXX INC. manufactures innovative, compact, and efficient remote-controlled aircraft tugs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation, TowFLEXX continues to provide important solutions for operational success in the aviation sector.

For further information, please contact:

142 Old Churchmans Road
New Castle, DE 19720