Schleppmaxxe 4


Capacityup to 14.000kg
TypeAircraft & Heli up to Twin Tires
ControlRemote Control
360° Axisyes
Wheel Adjustmentuniversal
Tiller Controlnot necessary
Battery Lifeca. 8km
12V Socketoptional
Lightfront & back
Loading Time12 Sec.
Dimensions1.500 x 1.800 x 510mm

Just one Persone needed!

The Towflexx TF4 is able to tow Aircraft and Helicopter up to 14.000kg / 30.000lbs. That is why the Tug is ideal for Twin Turboprops as well as for Small- and Midsize Jets. The Remote Control allows the Operator total Mobility during Maneuvering to move around the Aircraft freely, to observe the whole Repositioning the best possible Way.

Patented Capturing System* & 360° Technology

The TF4 is equipped with an unique Caputuring System (Patent pending). With smooth Movement the Arms of the Capturing System adjust the Wheelsize automatically to fix the Nosewheel.

The unique Capturing System is located on a Turntable, as know from the Models TF3 and TF5. With taht advanced Technology the Tug can be rotated 360° around the Nose Gear without oversteering it – an unmatched Safety Feature on the Market!

Tight Turns, Great Benefit

Due to the Turntable the Tug is able tu make really tight Turns – the Aircraft bsically can be turned right on the Spot. That Way the whole Space of the Hangar can be utilized, which leads to more Revenue and a lot more Efficiency. Because Towflexx is not using any Towbars expensive Damages are nearly impossible!

The TF4 in Action

TugMAXXE becomes TowFLEXX

When many Years ago the first Aircraft Tug was introduced, Nobody really could guess what Attentions the little Power Packs would get. “SchleppMAXXE” was a Name that worked well in Germany but not on the international Market. When entering the US Market the Units were labeled as “TugMAXXE” (what basically was the direct Translation of “SchleppMAXXE”), but different Names in different Regions caused more Confusion than Clarity so a unified and internationally working Name was created –  the Birth of Towflexx.


360° Turntable – with patented Capturing System


E-Stop Switches on both Sides


Direction Indicators


Tires with high Traction


LED Headlights on both Sides