TowFLEXX – Electric Towbarless Aircraft Tugs

Up to 40% more Space | more Safety | more Revenue

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TowFLEXX – Unitque Aircraft Tugs

Towflexx is a manufacturer of Electric Towbarless Aircraft Tractors ‘Made in Germany’ Our models cover a huge range of aircraft, from small aircraft and turboprop to the 60 ton business jet.

The larger tugs are towbarless and remote controlled. A unique 360° turntable increases safety enormously and gives TowFLEXX the undisputed unique selling point.

Turn the Aircraft on the Spot

Towing an aircraft with a conventional tug requires a lot of space. In addition every movement must be carefully considered, to avoid major damages. To be able to turn the nose landing gear, the aircraft must be moved back and forth. Furthermore, utmost caution is required to prevent the sensitive nose landing gear from overturning and damage during manoeuvring.

360° technology with patent pending

With TowFLEXX the previously mentioned worries are history. The remote controlled aircraft tugs (series 3 and higher) are equipped with a unique turntable, which allows the tug to rotate 360° around the landing gear, while the nose wheel remains in the starting position at all times. That is not only unique, but innovative, much safer and increases revenue for the owner!

From personal Needs into the whole World

Long before establishing TowFLEXX there was the wish to get the own aircraft out of the hangar with less effort. In the beginning this was just an idea for own needs, but within a short time this idea gained a lot of attention. The label “TugMAXXE” (German: “SchleppMAXXE”) was created and the first tugs were produced in small series.

SchleppMAXXE becomes TowFLEXX

During the last years the international demand increased more and more, so the decision was made to change “SchleppMAXXE” and it´s direct translation “TugMAXXE” into an internationally functioning term: the birth of TowFLEXX.

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Jon Green
Jon Green
17:42 23 Mar 22
I was unsure about calling at first, but the team speak... great English luckily for me as my German skills are not the best...instantly I was put at ease and talked through the product range in great detail, this allowed me to make the right choice of the towing device for my needs. It was so refreshing that they know their products so well plus I did not feel that my phone call was an inconvenience to them whatsoever. Thank you Towflexx team, I am looking forward to getting my order in a matter of weeks, not months!read more
Chris T
Chris T
06:52 30 Aug 21
Bought a TF1 for my Mooney. Impressed by the high quality... and excellent product more
Roman Budelot
Roman Budelot
13:11 10 Jul 21
We bought two TF3 one for a PC12 ans one for a Citation M2,... it’s the best tug for those aircraft.One of the towflexx didn’t work very well. So the after-sales department sent a technician to France in less than a week to solve the problem. Many thanks to towflexx’s more
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Unbeatable Advantages

Benefit from TowFLEXX!


more effective Space in your Hangar


more Revenue


higher Efficiency


reduced Damages

More Space means more Revenue

The remote controlled aircraft tugs are extremely manoeuvrable and flexible thanks to their 360° technology. This gives the user the possibility to use the entire space in the hangar, because literally no room is needed to manoeuvre the tug. This allows more aircraft to be positioned in the same area, generating up to 40% more revenue.

Significant Cost Reduction

In addition to increased income, costs can be reduced at the same time. Why you can save money with TowFLEXX? Very simple: first of all, only one person is needed to control the flexible aircraft tugs, which saves personnel costs. Furthermore, damage to the nose wheel is almost eliminated because there is no towbar. The nose wheel is captured on a freely rotating turntable which prevents it from oversteering.