Technical Data

Schleppmaxxe 1


Capacityup to 4,400lbs
Wheel Adjustmentmanually
Battery Lifeca. 3km / 1,8mi
Time to release an Aircraft5-10 Sec.
Dimensions520 x 1.700 x 700mm

In the beginning was a “SchleppMAXXE”

The TF1 is the unit that gave birth to our company. What was initially developed for Hanns Schickling’s own use quickly made a name for itself in the aviation family. Apart from some technical improvements and optical optimizations, the functionality is still the same. Suitable for aircraft with a take-off weight of up to 2.000kg / 4,400lbs (MTOW).

With the 400W motor and the 18AH battery box, the TowFLEXX TF1 is slightly smaller than the TF2, but the handling of both models is absolutely identical. The two units are controlled by simply shifting the weight and make positioning the airplane a breeze!

TF1 in Action

Aquila A210 / A211
Cessna 172/182/206
Cirrus SR 20/SR22
Diamond DA20/DA40
Diamond Super Dimona
Piper PA28/32/34/46/60
Robin DR200/400
Socata TB9/10/20
Rushmeyer R90
Socata TB9/10/20
Tecnam P2002/2006
Vulcanair R68
Valentin Taifun 17E
Wassmer WA-54
Yakovlev YAK 11/18/50/52
Zlin Z42/43
and many more
TowFLEXX TF1 (former Schleppmaxxe)

18AH detachable Battery Box


flexible Capturing Process due to Adapters for many Type of Aircrafts


replaceable Nose Wheel Adapters


Tires with high Traction


Handle with directional control and speed adjustment

(Upgrade with ergonomic tiller head control possible)


LED Lights


LED status light

Questions that follow us every day are whether an ergonomic tiller head control is “necessary” and what the differences to the basic version are. Both the TF1 and TF2 work incredibly well with the basic control option, so why upgrade? The tiller control gives the operator increase level of safety allowing the operator to keep both hands on the handle at all times for a better towing experience. So this will be down to personal choice and if price or comfort is the main priority. You can find the differences between the two versions here:

Einfacher Griff für TowFLEXX TF1 und TF2

In the standard configuration the TF1 comes with the basic handle. Both sides are padded with foam for a firm, comfortable grip. With the tiller thumb control speed paddles the speed transition is smooth and effortless , the operator will have total confidence whilst maneuvring the aircraft. Additionally there is a button to move the unit forwards and backwards, which is preferably operated with the index finger.

  • einfacher gepolsterter Griff
  • Speed adjustment wheel
  • Button for forward and backward movement
Einfacher Griff für TowFLEXX TF1 und TF2

For the TF1 as well as for the TF2, it is possible to replace the basic handle with an ergonomic tiller head control. Its design enables a more comfortable and ergonomic fit in the hand. With the tiller thumb control speed paddles the speed transition is smooth and effortless , the operator will have total confidence whilst maneuvring the aircraft. The tiller head control also has an emergency stop switch on the front side, which immediately stops the unit in a dangerous situation, and a built-in horn.

  • ergonomic handle for better comfort
  • comfortable stepless speed control via paddle switches
  • Emergency Stop
  • integrated horn

The Battery-Pack can be replaced within Seconds. This allows to charge it wherever you like.

Replacement Battery Pack for Towflexx TF2 is easy to remove

Maximum Flexibility due to Variety of Adapters for a wide Spectrum of Aircraft.

Aircraft adapter Towflexx TF2


Aircraft Tug up to 2000kg, Single Nose Gear


Aircraft Tug up to 9.000kg 20.000lbs, Single Nose Gear & Helicopter


Aircraft Tug 14000kg, Single and Twin Nose Gear


Aircraft Tug up to 60000kg, Single and Twin Nose Gear