Technical Data

Schleppmaxxe 5


Capacityup to 60.000kg / 132.000lbs
TypeAirplanes & Helicopter
up to Twin Tires
ControlRemote Control
360° Axisyes
Wheel Adjustmentmechanical
Ergonomic Tiller Controlnot necessary
Battery Lifeca. 8km / 5mi
12V Socketoptional
Lightfront & back
Time to release an Aircraft20 Seconds
Weight1.900kg / 4.189lbs
Dimensions1.900 x 2.600 x 500mm

Unique 360° Technology: the Nosewheel remains in it´s stating Position while the Tug can be rotated 360° around the Fuselage.

Unique 360° Technology by Towflexx

TF5 – Unique in it´s Class

The TowFLEXX TF5 with a Capacity of 60.000kg / 132.000lbs is a real Heavyweight and unique in it´s Class. Perfect for Super-Midsize Jets, Military Jets and Helicopters with Single- and Twin-Tires. The TF5 is mainly used by FBOs, MROs and Military Facilities – the Scope of Use is huge!

No Towbar, no Damages

Our Aircraft Tugs belong to the Category “Towbarless Tugs”. With good Cause: Safety first! Due to our unique 360° Technology the Nose Wheel will be captured on a Turntable which allows to rotate the Tug around the Nose Gear, without turning it – that not only gives total Flexibility but it is unmatched on the Market.

More Space, more Revenue

A very simple but plausible calculation: if you have more space in the hangar, you can accommodate more aircraft – this is exactly what the TowFLEXX tugs do! Due to it´s flat Design and the 360° Technology with the TF5 you can utilize all of your Hangar Space.

Aircraft can be parked literally an Inch from the Wall or right into the Corners of the Hangar, because the TF5 does not need much Space to maneuver.

TF5 in Action

TowFLEXX TF5 Aircraft Tug Fron and Back View

360° with patented mount including two adjustable nosewheel adapters that fit for a wide variety of aircraft


E-Stop Switches on both Sides


Direction Indicators


Tires with high Traction


LED Headlights on both Sides


Replaceable eCube


Side Compartments


Front Compartment with Access to Charger and main Switch


Eye bolts for emergency transport

The turntable motor is directly connected to the lifting platform and turntable and offers enormous flexibility on various levels. It also significantly increases safety during towing and prevents uncontrolled movements of the nose wheel. The turntable motor is controlled via remote control and offers a total of four different modes to choose from:

  • Mode 1: The turntable remains fixed, the tug can be moved freely
  • Mode 2: The tug can be turned freely around the turntable (360°) without moving the nose wheel.
  • Mode 3: Only the turntable is controlled. This mode can be used either to adjust the nose wheel or to perform special maneuvers.
  • Mode 4: The motor of the turntable can be disengaged so that it can move freely. This mode offers incredible flexibility for some types of aircraft, especially when moving around the hangar, and allows manoeuvring in even less space.

Altogether, the turntable motor of the TF5 offers an unparalleled flexibility that no other competitor can provide. This technology allows aircraft to be parked far into the corner or directly in front of the wall.

Nice to Know: The TowFLEXX Nosegear Protection System (NPS) will be available from mid 2020. With an additional computer, all movements of the tug while driving are automatically compensated by the tug’s turntable motor! The operator only has to concentrate on driving, the TF5 automatically takes care of the sensitive nose gear!

If manufacturers state in their product descriptions that their products are easy to use, this certainly does not mean that it really is the case. Fortunately, this is not a problem we have to struggle with and we would like to present this to our customers and interested parties. Of course such a demonstration works best live and on site, but in this short training video a operation with the TF5 on the aircraft is well documented.

Bombardier Challenger 350

US Airforce F16

US Airforce F16 & A10

Embraer Legacy 650

Bombardier Challenger 350

ATR 72

US Gov. Gulfstream III

Hawker 800XP