TF5 – Unique in it´s Class

With its towing capacity of up to 60,000kg / 132,000 pounds, the TowFLEXX TF5 is a true heavyweight and unique in its class. Perfect for Super-Midsize Jets, Military Jets and Helicopters with Single- and Twin-Tires. However, the adjustable nose wheel adapters allow small aircraft to be moved. This makes the TF5 an absolute all-rounder, which is why it is used by FBOs, MROs, corporate flight departments, private owners and military personnel all over the world.

No Towbar, no Damages

Our Aircraft Tugs belong to the Category “Towbarless Tugs”. And there’s a good reason for that, because safety comes first. With our unique 360° technology, the nose wheel is picked up on a turntable, allowing the tug to move freely around the nose wheel without twisting it.

The newNPS (Nosewheel Protection System) offers even more safety and comfort during the tow. Learn more about the NPS HERE!

More Space, more Revenue

It’s a very simple but reasonable calculation: if you have more hangar space, you can accommodate more aircraft – and that’s exactly what TowFLEXX aircraft tugs can do! Due to the very flat design and the unique 360° technology, the entire hangar space can be utilized with the TF5.

Aircraft can be parked right up against the wall, or all the way into the corner, as the TF5 requires very little space to maneuver.

TF5 in Action

Embraer Legacy 650

Gulfstream G III

TowFLEXX TF5 Aircraft Tug Fron and Back View

Front compartment with access to the charger and main key switch. The compartment can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, a digital display (MDI) and interfaces for various additional systems and analysis tools are located here.

TF5 eCube


Two eye bolts allow the TF5 to be additionally secured during transport, or to be towed with in an emergency situation.


There are a total of 6 LED headlights on the TF5, which illuminate the track in the direction of travel, as well as providing optimum visibility behind the tug and on the nose wheel. If necessary, these can be switched off via the radio remote control (for example, when night vision equipment is in use).

LED Headlights


eCube, the central control unit where all control elements and computers come together. In the event of a malfunction or in the course of a modernization, it can be replaced with a new eCube within a few minutes, avoiding costly downtimes.


LED indicator and status lights show the user where the TF5 is moving and if it has an active connection.

Indicator Lights


Emergency stops on both sides (and on the radio remote control) stop the TF5 immediately in emergency situations.



360° turntable – with patented mount and turntable motor adjustable nose wheel adapter, which can be adjusted to many wheel sizes. The turntable has different modes, together with the NPS (Nosewheel Protection System) it is controlled fully automatically and always keeps the nose wheel in the direction of travel.



Side Compartments


Full rubber tires provide optimum traction that some of our competitors have trouble with. In addition, the operator does not have to worry about flat tires.

Full Rubber Tires

Important key facts:

Towing capacity: 60.000kg / 132.000lbs MTOW

Lifting capacity: 5.000kg / 11.000lbs

Dimensions (mm): 1900 x 2600 x 500

Dimentions (Inch): 74,8″ x 102,36″ x 19,7″

Weight: 1.900kg / 4190lbs

Battery Power: 48VDC

Battery Life: approx. 8km / 5mi. (1,6km / 1mi. under full capacity)

Standard Configuration

  • unique 360° turntable
  • 10.000W gear motors
  • intelligent CAN-bus controls
  • advanced wireless remote control
  • intelligent built-in battery charger
  • LED headlights (front & rear)
  • adjustable nosewheel mount
  • Chainguards on both sides


  • NPS (Nosewheel Protection System)
  • individual painting / labeling
  • Hitch
  • Amber strobe beacon
  • Working light
  • Snowshield
  • Snowsocks
  • Tactical Case for Accessories
  • additional anti-slip padding

eCube – the central control unit

The TF5 was developed to avoid costly downtimes. In the process, a central control unit was designed in which all electronic components and computers come together. In other words, this “eCube” not only protects the components inside, but can also be exchanged and replaced with a new eCube in a matter of minutes in the event of a malfunction.

This technology allows the modernization of older units as well! This means that new revisions usually feature technical innovations that were not yet installed in previous models (for example, the line assistant or the NPS system). Simply summarized: by installing a new eCube, an existing unit can be revamped to incorporate new features and expand its capabilities.

In addition, the eCube also houses the Charger for the tug, the charger for a Spare battery for the radio remote control, a data logger that can help with error analysis, a display that shows operating hours and possible error codes, the key switch to switch the device on and other interfaces for programming, etc.


Joystick for forward and backward movement


Joystick for the change of direction


Information display




Speed mode


Control inversion


Line Assistant


Emergency Stop


Light & Horn Toggle


Lifting platform up & down


Release the magnetic brake during lifting and lowering (standard setting) or lock it, for operations on uneven surfaces.


Turntable mode


Main switch


Deadman function toggle

Remote Control of the TF5

The TowFLEXX TF5 is operated via a multifunction remote control. In the default configuration, it connects via radio, but if the supplied backup cable is connected between the remote control and the tug, any radio transmissions are disabled, which can be quite important for some locations.

Frequency Overlap & Interference

The radio remote controls used operate on a safety broadcast. Due to the LBT frequency search (Listen before Talk), interference with other devices is almost impossible. Before signals are translated into control commands, it is checked whether the frequency channel is being used. If this is the case, the radio remote control automatically switches to a free channel. This process is handled in miliseconds and is not noticeable to the user.

Technical Details

  • Frequency band: 915,000 – 916,650 Mhz
  • Channels: 67
  • HF-Power:
  • Response time: 15 ms
  • Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Weight: ca. 1.000g
  • Display: 2,4″ LCD

The turntable motor is directly connected to the lifting platform and turntable and offers enormous flexibility on various levels. It also significantly increases safety during towing and prevents uncontrolled movements of the nose wheel. The turntable motor is controlled via remote control and offers a total of four different modes to choose from:

  • Mode 1: The turntable remains fixed, the tug can be moved freely
  • Mode 2: The tug can be turned freely around the turntable (360°) without moving the nose wheel.
  • Mode 3: Only the turntable is controlled. This mode can be used either to adjust the nose wheel or to perform special maneuvers.
  • Mode 4: The motor of the turntable can be disengaged so that it can move freely. This mode offers incredible flexibility for some types of aircraft, especially when moving around the hangar, and allows manoeuvring in even less space.

Overall, the TF5’s turntable motor offers unparalleled flexibility that no other competitor can match. This technology allows aircraft to be parked far into the corner or directly in front of the wall.

Basic NPS

The optional TowFLEXX NPS (Nosegear Protection System) makes towing with the TF5 even easier! Although it was already possible on previous TF5 models to always align the nose wheel in the direction of travel, but this had to be done manually by the user via the radio remote control.

The NPS takes over this operation and compensates the tug’s movements fully automatically during the towing process. All that is needed is a sensor that is attached within seconds using a suction cup approved for aircraft paint.

In order to complete the towing process and lower the aircraft, the sensor must be removed again. This safety mechanism will prevent this being forgotten on the aircraft.


The LiDAR NPS is a more advanced version of the Nose Wheel Protection System described above with an extended scope of features. No additional sensor needs to be attached to the fuselage of the aircraft. The 360° high-resolution LiDAR sensor on the front of the tug scans the surroundings and is connected to an aircraft database. The aircraft to be towed simply has to be selected via a screen and the system already knows the exact dimensions of the model. The system then automatically takes control of the turntable and always keeps the nose wheel straight in the direction of travel during the towing process – fully autonomously!

Collision Avoidance

As an option, the LiDAR sensor allows the built-in collision avoidance to be switched on. The precise dimensions of the aircraft to be towed are stored in the aircraft database. Similar to a parking assistant in a car, the system recognizes potential hazards and can actively intervene in the towing process and initially slow down or even stop the tug if, for example, a collision with the wing tip is imminent. This system is a marvelous tool, especially in confined environments, for example in maintenance workshops, hangar operations or highly frequented FBOs.

If manufacturers state in their product descriptions that their products are easy to use, this certainly does not mean that it really is the case. Fortunately, this is not a problem we have to struggle with and we would like to present this to our customers and interested parties.

Of course such a demonstration works best live and on site, but in this short training video a operation with the TF5 on the aircraft is well documented.

By the way, it does not matter if the aircraft has single or twin tires, both can be operated beautifully with the TF5!

  • ATR 72
  • Bombardier Challenger 300
  • Bombardier Challenger 350
  • Bombardier Challenger 650
  • Bombardier Global 5500
  • Bombardier Global 6500
  • Bombardier Global 7500
  • Cessna Caravan
  • Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Cessna Citation Latitude
  • Cessna CJ (all models)
  • Dassault Falcon 900
  • Dassault Falcon 2000
  • Dassault Falcon 6X
  • Dassault Falcon 7X
  • Dassault Falcon 8X
  • Embraer Legacy 450
  • Embraer Legacy 650
  • Embraer Phenom (all models)
  • Embraer Praetor 500
  • Embraer Praetor 600
  • Fairchild Republic A10
  • General Dynamics F-16
  • Gulfstream G280
  • Gulfstream G450
  • Gulfstream G550
  • Gulfstream G650
  • Hawker 800 XP
  • Learjet 45
  • Learjet 75
  • Lockheed Martin F-22
  • Lockheed Martin F-35
  • McDonnell Douglas F-15
  • McDonnell Douglas F/A-18
  • Piaggio Avanti P180
  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Pilatus PC-24
  • Sikorsky CH-53
  • Sikorsky HH-60

This excerpt shows a variety of aircraft currently being towed with the TowFLEXX TF5. This list is not complete and is being updated constantly and includes mainly aircraft of higher weight classes. However, it is also possible to maneuver smaller aircraft such as Piper PA32, Daher TBM or Beechcraft King Air with this tug. Basically, almost all aircraft up to 60,000 kilograms can be operated, as long as ground clearance permits.

Your aircraft or helicopter is not on the list? Contact us!

Bombardier Challenger 350

US Airforce F16

US Airforce F16 & A10

Bombardier Challenger 350

ATR 72

Hawker 800XP