Airforce Training in Osan

Last week we travelled to South Korea. The U.S. Air Force’s Osan Airbase received 15 TowFLEXX TF5s, for which training was set for two days. Training was completed in multiple groups with the electric aircraft tugs on both the A10 and F16. The focus was on: basic technical features, maintenance, pickup and control.

TowFLEXX is a relief for US Air Force ground personnel

Before the TowFLEXX aircraft tugs were put into service at Osan, flight preparation was real backbreaking work. Nine people have been needed to maneuver the aircraft by hand before flight, out of the hangar and back into the hangar after flight. Furthermore, there were enormous risks of accidents, which continuously caused expensive damages to the aircrafts. With the use of the TF5 electric aircraft tugs, the number of people needed is reduced to just three.

Fairchild Republic A10

The A10 has been in service with the U.S. military since the 1960s

Lockheed Martin F16

The F16 was developed in 1976 and is still used today by 25 countries.

Use of TowFLEXX to be expanded to additional locations

Word spreads quickly about the ease of daily work, so that further orders from the U.S. Air Force are currently in the pipeline and interest from other locations is growing by the week. The joint development of a new model is also currently being planned, with more information to follow in the course of next year.

Impressions from Osan Airforce Base

The Airforce visited the production in Visbek beforehand

To inspect the status of production and get an impression of TowFLEXX manufacturing, the U.S. Air Force sent Captain Scott E. Gregory and Technical Sergeant Alan Stegner to Visbek. You can find a report HERE